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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” — ELEANOR ROOSEVELT

The impulse to please others, especially loved ones, is an incredibly powerful human emotion. Whether it’s your child, a spouse, a significant other or even a close friend giving of yourself can be a personally satisfying experience. However, sometimes unhealthy relationships can warp how we think about selflessness and love.

For those in a Codependent Relationship the boundaries of a healthy relationship are often violated, as you or your partner may feel inclined to change their identity and give up his or her needs to feel satisfied. Being in a codependent relationship is a learned behavior that means a lack of self-sufficiency, a one-sided pattern of self-sacrifice and the desperate need for approval. In fact, these symptoms all point to the possible existence of a personality disorder known as Dependent Personality Disorder.


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  • What is Dependent Personality Disorder: In the last decade, researchers and clinicians have learned a great deal about the existence and consequences of personality disorders. DPD is one of the most frequently diagnosed personality disorders. People with DPD become emotionally dependent on other people and spend substantial effort trying to please others, often times in untold ways. People with DPD tend to display needy, passive, and clinging behavior, and have a fear of separation

At Resilience Treatment Center, our team of experienced clinicians offers treatment tailored to those suffering from dependent personality disorder by offering an integrative platform for treatment. Not only do we set the standard for this type of treatment throughout Southern California, but more we are always remaining ahead of the curve with regard to the newest approaches, therapies and available treatments.


  • Symptoms of Codependency / Dependent Personality Disorder: Many of the elements of dependent personality disorder are in fact quite common in everyday human interactions. Therefore properly identifying the existence of dependent personality disorder isn’t always simple. Nevertheless, the presence of pervasive signs and symptoms that can maliciously affect your life might be cause to seek treatment.

An important first step for those in need of treatment is that of receiving a proper, in-depth assessment by a qualified mental health treatment professional. In fact, this is probably among the more common areas in which many programs fall short, thus engaging in a treatment regiment that is ultimately not entirely suited to the client’s specific needs. Through its numerous facility locations in and around Los Angeles, California, the Resilience program offers a highly experienced clinical staff specifically dedicated to performing integrative initial assessments.


Symptoms and Treatments

Below are some common symptoms inherent to those who suffer from varied levels of Codependency/Dependent Personality Disorder:

  • Excessive dependence on others and feels the need to be taken care of
  • Submissive or clingy behavior toward others
  • Fear of having to provide self-care or fend for yourself if left alone
  • Lack of self-confidence, requiring excessive advice and reassurance from others to make even small decisions
  • Difficulty starting or doing projects on own due to lack of self-confidence
  • Difficulty disagreeing with others, fearing disapproval
  • Tolerance of poor or abusive treatment, even when other options are available
  • Urgent need to start a new relationship when a close one has ended

Those who seek recovery at Resilience Treatment Center are often amazed at the lengths they are able to travel within relatively early stages of their treatment. What once seemed as being an impossibility is now reality, a daily reality, and one that is filled renewed hopes and dreams! We welcome you to a treatment center environment that is truly one-of-a-kind…a luxurious, private and highly effective mental health recovery environment that focused entirely on yours or your loved one’s needs.


Resilience’s Mission:

The first step to creating a healthy and balanced life is knowing that the right treatment for you or your loved one is out there. At Resilience Treatment Center of West LA, our dedicated and experienced clinical team takes an integrative approach to mental health, empowering patients through individualized programming in order to build emotional resilience. Whether you’re suffering from depression, dual diagnosis, bipolar disorder, co-occurring disorders, a personality disorder, body dysmorphia or anxiety, seeking treatment always begins with a complimentary assessment conducted by industry-leading clinicians.



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