As Southern California’s mental health treatment leader, Resilience also provides effective recovery for drug & alcohol addiction and dual-diagnosis disorders.


Treating Drug Addiction, Alcoholism and Dual Diagnosis Disorders

Addiction & Dual Diagnosis Disorders:

Of the many unique qualities inherent to the Los Angeles and Southern California recovery community, the enormous presence of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers is definitely among that long list of qualities. In fact, given the growth and scientific advancements within the scope of mental health treatment over recent years, that list now also includes the presence of broad treatment options for those with dual-diagnosis (also referred to as “co-occurring”) disorders.

People suffering from drug and alcohol addictions often seek out drug rehab centers designed to primarily treat substance abuse related issues. However, it has become widely agreed that in many cases, the addict or alcoholic is also suffering from a simultaneous mental health disorder, which we call dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Consequently, such cases can often result in a scenario in which the co-occurring mental health illness is actually further perpetuating his or her addictive process and behaviors. In example, a drug addict suffering from untreated clinical depression may find that, while in sobriety, he or she is constantly feeling down, aloof, melancholy and so forth, thus always driving them back to relapse in lieu the inherent need to feel better.


Addiction vs. Substance Abuse

The terms “addiction” and “substance abuse” are, for the most part, used interchangeably with one another. The disparity between the two terms begins to surface when referencing drugs and alcohol as opposed to what are called process addiction. Process addictions are those which entail behaviors and actions without the use of mind-altering substances. The most common examples of process addictions are; gambling addiction, sex/porn addiction, internet/gaming addiction and eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

Here in Los Angeles, and much of California for that matter, the array of treatment options tends to lean much more heavily within the scope of drugs and alcohol (also termed “chemical dependency”). Likewise, treatment centers offering chemical dependency recovery will typically provide such services for all drug types, including alcohol. However when looking at process addictions, it is much more common for centers to focus one specific type of addiction. For instance, just because a facility provides gambling addiction treatment does in no way imply that services are also available for those with sex addictions or eating disorders. Conversely, if a facility offers treatment for heroin addiction, it is almost certain to be that treatment is also offered for cocaine, alcohol and so on.


Addiction & Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Resilience:

Our West Los Angeles, CA treatment center has gained the reputation by many as being the leader in luxury, holistic and highly effective private recovery for mental health illnesses. Whether inpatient (PHP) or intensive outpatient, what we do here at Resilience has truly gained national acclaim!

→ But did you know that Resilience also provides treatment for drug addictions, alcoholism and dual-diagnosis disorders?

Those who come here for substance abuse or dual-diagnosis treatment are typically best served when the addiction is a secondary condition. For instance, a very common scenario for us, and one which we tremendously excel at effectively addressing, is that of an individual who suffers from such primary issues as, bipolar disorder, clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, panic disorders, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and so forth. However, resulting from their mental health disorder as now an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, basically utilizing the addition as a means for coping with the larger underlying issue.

Resilience utilizes an extremely broad scope of tools in helping such clients overcome their addiction. As always, we place an expanded focus on effectively treating the mental/behavioral health condition/s. For those falling intro this category, we highly encourage you to contact our admission team for more pinpointed information at: (800) 693-9100.



Resilience’s Mission:

The first step to creating a healthy and balanced life is knowing that the right treatment for you or your loved one is out there. At Resilience Treatment Center in Los Angeles, our dedicated and experienced clinical team takes an integrative approach to mental health, empowering our clients through individualized programming to build emotional resilience. Whether you’re suffering from depression, dual diagnosis, bipolar disorder, co-occurring disorders, a personality disorder, body dysmorphia or anxiety, seeking treatment always begins with a complimentary assessment.



Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Resilience in Los Angeles California