Welcome to The Resilience Treatment Program, an integrative and vast scope of mental health & dual-diagnosis recovery components that set new standards in care!


Our Residential Inpatient Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program in West Los Angeles, CA

Located in the foothills of West Los Angeles, California, and within walking distance of Beverly Hills, Westwood, Century City and Brentwood, Resilience Treatment Center delivers highly individualized and effective psychological and psychiatric treatment in an outpatient setting with a luxurious residential option available. Our primary mental health program provides patients and their families with a strategic and personalized blend of clinical psychotherapy and ancillary components which combine to create a comprehensive and customized treatment plan.

With an emphasis on evidence-based care, our program—designed by our talented team of multidisciplinary clinicians— delivers integrative treatment for those struggling from a wide range of mental health problems. Our expertise in treatment for issues stemming from nearly all variations of co-occurring disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders and depression among a host of others. Additionally, Resilience Treatment Center also offers a track designated for those with dual-diagnosis.

Merging effective psychotherapy, psychiatric care, experiential therapy and ancillary services, Resilience Treatment Center offers the following treatment components:


  • Comprehensive psychological, psychiatric and medical assessment on admission
  • Continuous psychiatric support throughout treatment
  • Intensive individual therapy (2-5 days/week)
  • Group therapy (5-6 days/week)
  • Experiential groups (e.g., psychodrama)
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
  • Trauma-focused treatment
  • Individual Family therapy
  • Group guided meditation
  • Relapse Prevention and Medication Management
  • Yoga classes
  • Art therapy & art studio
  • Creative writing workshop
  • Luxurious supportive housing option available
  • Case management


Our Therapy:

Art Studio:

Art mediates the relationship to self in fundamental ways. Our art studio is a safe place for clients to explore and reconnect with their creative, artistic core. Both the creation and appreciation of art foster community, and we take advantage of this aspect of the practice as well.


Family: For many of our clients, the participation of family is key to their psychological recovery. Our family program is a collaboration with clients’ families to explore family dynamics and restore intrafamilial relationships to a healthy state that enriches all family members. Therefore, family is incorporated into the treatment process when appropriate. Every week we have scheduled opportunities for family to work in therapy, and there are individual family sessions as well as group sessions that involve all participating families. In this way, the benefits of treatment accrue not only to individual clients but their families as well.


The direct aim of our life-skills program is self-efficacy. On admission and throughout their therapeutic process, our clients are encouraged to articulate a goal (or multiple goals) outside the domain of interpersonal relations. The goal might be small or large– anything from learning a quotidian skill like balancing a checkbook to pursuing a lifelong and life-altering dream like obtaining an educational degree. Clients then meet regularly with a life-skills coach in individual sessions to set realistic benchmarks of achievement, monitor their progress, and reassess their goals as necessary.

Thus, clients reach toward a higher level of self-actualization and move closer to realizing their own sense of their own potential, while participating in a community of others engaged in the same pursuit.

Our program is designed to teach critical thinking skills and to equip clients for a life of engaging with ideas; it extends well beyond our clients time in treatment. The educational curriculum as a whole consists of workshops, projects, labs and core practices, all of which support and reinforce each other.

Levels of Care:

Day Treatment Program

Our most intensive, full-day, Monday–Saturday program. Clients have the option to reside at home or take advantage of additional programming and numerous amenities offered with our housing options, in one of our 24-hour-staff-supported luxury living accommodations.

PHP (Partial Hospitalization Treatment)

Resilience also offers our clients the opportunity to live at home while seeking treatment in our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). In living at home, clients are encouraged to maintain supportive and significant relationships beyond the confines of treatment–an attempt to best replicate living a healthy and autonomous lifestyle. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is intensive and offers a wide range of modalities that include Dialectical Behavior and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. Whether our clients are living in their own home or one of our therapeutically-supportive housing options, our mission remains the same: the delivery of psychiatric and psychological care aimed at transforming our clients mental well-being and sense of self and community.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our half-day program. IOP can serve as a stand-alone program or a step-down/transition program that facilitates reintegration into daily life after completion of the Day Treatment Program. Clients can choose from a menu of program options, with minimum attendance of 3 days and up to 6 days per week.

Each of the above elements are included and integrated in a treatment plan to meet the custom needs as determined by our clinicians upon our in-depth intake and assessment process. Much more information is available with respect to what we treat as well as our information and admissions line at (800) 693-9100 or by using our confidential email form

Residential Program

In our Residential program, clients have the option to stay at one of our 24-hour staff-supported houses while they participate in our full-day program. This program goes beyond the scope of your traditional Outpatient Program offering an extensive range of modalities that include DBT- and CBT-intensive individualized treatments and modalities that emphasize addressing the physical whole, making meaningful relationships and an underlying sense of self. Moreover, our Residential program offers additional supportive amenities.


Our lush vegetable garden is run by experienced community gardeners and dedicated teachers. It is an expansive area for exploration and experimentation, with enough room for individual plots as well as a communal space. We have structured a whole curriculum around what can be learned from the practice of vegetable gardening: lessons in basic biology and ecology, nutrition and the food web, mutual interdependence, sowing and harvesting and paying it forward, and, ultimately, lessons about the fundamental requirements of life.


Food brings people together. Under the guidance of our chef instructor, nutritionist and kitchen staff, clients regularly use the harvest from our garden to prepare delicious meals that they consume together in community. Through our gardening and cooking programs, the centrality of food and self-nourishment to our daily life is both underscored and restored.

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Residential Treatment Program at Resilience in West Los Angeles, California