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Best Los Angeles California Residential Treatment for Bipolar Disorder“Feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem.” — ANNE FRANK



Our emotions and feelings often get the better of us. On any given day, a typical person may experience an incredibly broad range of emotions—often flip-flopping. Happiness, sadness- sadness, happiness… it’s simply the way of life. However, prolonged periods of intense and drastic mood changes may in some instances be a signal of a brain disorder known as manic-depressive illness, or, more popularly, bipolar disorder.

For someone afflicted by bipolar disorder it is not uncommon to feel exuberant and energized some days and despondent and depressed on others, with each episode lasting for a week or more; these mood swings may make it difficult to sleep, hard to stay focused and especially tough in the workplace. The persistence of these symptoms may point to the need for clinical attention, which often times can materialize in the form of residential or inpatient mental health treatment.

At Resilience Treatment Center here West Los Angeles (Southern California region), our complimentary assessment can be your first step towards a diagnosis and an effective and comprehensive treatment plan. In fact, we have strategically created a broad-scoped team of physicians, therapists and clinical support staff that bring together a vast expertise in most all matters involving bipolar disorder diagnoses, treatment and long-term recovery planning.


Identifying, Treating and Overcoming Bipolar Disorder

Inasmuch as a bout with Bipolar disorder may feel isolating, it is worth noting that millions of Americans suffer from bipolar disorder to varying degrees. In fact, while an estimated 6 million people struggle with bipolar disorder and variations of related mental health disorders, the number of people seeking treatment for such conditions is much smaller. Since bipolar disorder is often not recognized and/or is stigmatized by patients, relatives or friends, it is all too common that sufferers will not get the recovery services they need until they are forced into it.

Like many other diseases, there is no cure for bipolar disorder. However, through effective and continuous treatment, usually in the form of residential or inpatient treatment to some capacity, the symptoms of bipolar disorder can be managed. Currently, several recovery methods and approaches have proven as effective. For starters, the use of medication when medically appropriate has demonstrated the ability to control symptoms—although different people respond differently to medications. It is often times suggested that a patient starting a medication regimen be in an inpatient or residential treatment center environment, or at least primarily during the first few weeks . The typical medications employed to treat bipolar disorder include mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics, and antidepressants. Other solutions, too, have proven important in building a comprehensive treatment program for bipolar disorder, especially psychotherapy.

Alongside medication, psychotherapy can be a valuable tool in bipolar disorder treatment. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, it can “provide support, education and guidance to people with bipolar disorder and their families.” Among the forms of psychotherapy that have proven especially effective are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Family-focused therapy, interpersonal social and rhythm therapy and psychoeducation.


Bipolar Disorder Treatment at Resilience | A Premier Residential Setting

Resilience Treatment Center strives to provide a comprehensive and integrative platform in which to address, treat and manage our client’s psychiatric and psychological ailments. Through an approach that emphasizes customized and evidence-based treatment, such as psychiatric care, psychotherapy, private psychological-based services, experiential therapy and holistic practices, we firmly believe that delivering effective treatment must entail multiple levels of care. From top-tier clinical staff to hybrid approaches and variations in psychiatric care levels, this is where patients experience both, luxury and clinical efficacy within one of Los Angeles, California’s premier treatment centers!

    • At Resilience Treatment Center, the treatment of bipolar disorder employs all proven and evidence-based tools at our disposal to effectively manage your condition, including psychiatric care. Our psychiatric team will find the proper medication solution, when necessary, to address your underlying symptoms. Moreover, you can expect regular group therapy sessions and case management to help build the appropriate tools for long-term medication management. Whether on a residential, inpatient or intensive outpatient type of basis, each client will receive a totally customized treatment plan that takes multiple clinical components into consideration.
    • Resilience offers its clients up to five individual therapy sessions per week that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Additionally, we also offer a series of group therapy sessions that run an extensive gamut; among them are family therapy sessions, medication management, healthy relationships groups, process groups and life skills coaching among many others.
    • As a core component of our mission and treatment philosophy, Resilience Treatment Center clients are exposed to a broad range of experiential therapies that seek to harness their creativity, physical well-being and socially engaging activities that all build emotional resilience. Among the experiential therapy modalities available to clients are horticulture (gardening) therapy, art therapy, creative writing therapy, guided meditation, cooking and nutrition modalities, yoga and daily access to an upscale exercise facilities and classes.


Resilience’s Mission:

For those struggling with bipolar disorder, often the first step to creating a healthy and balanced life is knowing that the right treatment for you is out there. At Resilience Treatment Center in West LA, our dedicated and multidisciplinary clinical team takes an integrative approach to mental health, empowering patients through individualized programming in order to build emotional resilience. Whether you’re suffering from bipolar disorder, depression, dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, a personality disorder, body dysmorphia, or anxiety, seeking treatment always begins with a complimentary assessment conducted by our experienced clinicians.



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