A page dedicated for those of whom are in need of additional information and resources regarding mental health treatment services throughout Southern California and nationwide as a whole.


Online Resources for Mental Health Treatment and Residential Recovery in Los Angeles and Southern California

Additional Recovery Related Information…

We see it each and every day, patients and families are desperate to find factual, unbiased information when it comes to mental health treatment services. Whether they are here in the Los Angeles, CA area or elsewhere around the nation, they call us day and night in search of that which will be best for themselves or a loved one. From residential treatment to substance abuse and dual-diagnosis inpatient rehab, to virtually any variation of psychiatric recovery services, they find that the world of online resources is all too often riddled with biased information.

Here at Resilience we fully recognize that, while our customized mental health and dual-diagnosis recovery approaches are extremely effective as a whole, there are also cases where our recovery approaches may not be right, based on the patient’s unique clinical and treatment needs. Such examples may be; extreme personality disorders such as schizophrenia, as well as cases where the patient is still in their active drug and/or alcohol addiction.

As such, Resilience Treatment Center provides the following list of resources as an added community service for those requiring additional information. Some of these are based here in Los Angeles or Southern California, whereas others are located elsewhere throughout the nation. While this list should in no way be construed as an official endorsement on the part of Resilience Treatment Center, experience has shown that the following organizations tend to operate in accordance with the highest levels of integrity and that which best serves the public as a whole.



California Department of Health Care Services – Mental Health Division

Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

Los Angeles County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control

NAMI | National Alliance on Mental Illness

NIMH | National Institute on Mental Health

SAMSHA | Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

WebMD Mental Health Information

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services |

Unbiased Reviews on Mental Health/Dual-Diagnosis Treatment & Drug Rehab Centers

Wikipedia: Information on Mental Disorders

Dual Recovery Anonymous


If more information is needed, please feel free to contact Resilience Treatment Center’s Los Angeles, CA recovery facility 24/7 at (800) 693-9100 or you may use our confidential contact form which goes directly to our intake & facility information team.



Information on Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Los Angeles California