As Southern California’s leading private mental-behavioral health & dual-diagnosis treatment program, we offer this convenient health insurance verification form…


Health Insurance Verification Form for Mental Behavioral Health Treatment Services

Your treatment for clinical depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or any of the many other mental health illnesses out there may in fact be covered by your private health & medical insurance plan. Resilience Treatment Center is not only among Southern California’s finest treatment centers for behavioral health, but we likewise are among the most experienced when it comes to helping clients get the absolute most they can from their PPO coverage. Even more surprising is the fact that, in certain unique cases, we have been able to qualify an HMO insurance plan which, is quite rare when it comes to such high level, private and luxury-type mental health treatment services.

Upon submission, your health insurance benefits information will be processed by our Utilization Review team based at our West Los Angeles, CA administrative headquarters. This team is comprised of highly trained professionals that are extremely well versed in dealing with health insurance companies. Their focus lies in enabling you to utilize as much of your health insurance benefits as possible, thereby helping you to create the strongest possible foundation in which to achieve long-term success in your mental health treatment goals.

In most case our admission staff is able to contact you back within 2 to 3 hours following form submission. For faster insurance verification however, we suggest you contact us by phone 7 days a week at (800) 693-9100.