When entering mental health treatment on a residential or PHP basis, clients living at Resilience Treatment Center should know what to bring…



Most mental health treatment centers are quite strict regarding what you are allowed to bring while staying in their residential treatment program, for the good of all patients as well as staff. When you enter the Resilience Treatment Center, whether you are here for mental health or dual-diagnosis related issues, you will meet with several among our staff and go through our intake process. We, unlike most other treatment centers, take a more personalized approach as to what clients should or should not bring to the facility.

Some items that are prohibited may be obvious, while others may surprise you. The purpose of limiting what you can and can’t have while in our inpatient or residential style program (PHP) is to minimize unnecessary distractions, while maintaining a safe, proactive, loving and recovery-centered environment.

Below is a list of things NOT to bring:

• Drugs
• Alcohol
• Certain Medications
• Cleaning Supplies
• Nail Polish or Remover
• Candles and Incense
• Aerosols
• Toiletries containing alcohol
• Weapons
• Electronics (gaming devices, TV, Video games, DVDs)
• Sporting Equipment
• Pornography
• Food and Drinks
• Paraphernalia
• Valuables such as: jewelry, watches, etc.

Things that should or could be brought:

• Prescription medications and a list of all current medications and dosages
• Contact list of those you would like to be involved in your treatment
• Identification cards such as insurance, driver’s license
• One Credit or debit card, checkbook and small amount of cash
• Pictures
• Journal
• Alarm Clock
• Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner, women’s hygiene, makeup, shaving cream, lotion, sunscreen
• Clothes: underwear, socks, pants, shorts, shirts, dress, shoes, sweater, jacket, pajamas, robe

Questionable Items:

Some of these items may be allowed or may not be allowed at first or even after being in residential treatment for a while. Please check with your admissions counselor:

• Cell phone
• Tablet or laptop computer
• Cigarettes & vapes
• Razors and nail clippers
• Camera

Remember, you’re not coming to any ordinary inpatient or residential mental health facility. Resilience sets a whole new standard in care, and whether it’s related to addiction, dual-diagnosis disorders or mental health issues, we want you to be comfortable and not to feel as if you are being deprived of anything critical whatsoever.

As a rule, you want to have enough clothes for at least one week and 30 days of toiletries. You also want to ensure that you are dressed comfortable while here – bring your comfy clothes. If you are unsure about bringing a particular item, you may contact Resilience Treatment Center at (800) 693-9100.