Resilience specializes in the treatment of primary mental health and psychiatric disorders, as well as secondary dual diagnosis.  We aim to cultivate emotional resilience at our residential and outpatient programs located in West Los Angeles.


What We Treat: Depression, PTSD, Dual-Diagnosis, Mental Health, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder and moreAt Resilience Treatment Center, mental health recovery and treatment for dual-diagnosis/co-occurring disorders occurs on a variety of levels, all of which are designed to work symbiotically and create optimal platforms for achieving long-term success.

Considered by many as being among Los Angeles, California’s benchmark for top-tier clinical service providers within the scope of mental health, Resilience is able to successfully interweave a vast scope of clinical and behavioral treatment components, while simultaneously providing a proactive, upscale and even luxury-type residence for our clients. At Resilience, excelling in mental health and dual-diagnosis treatment means not only providing the finest in care, but also creating an inviting, individualized and nurturing environment in which to promote growth on multiple levels.

While many residential, inpatient and outpatient treatment centers are able to address varying degrees of dual-diagnosis disorders, our focus remains more so within the scope of primary mental health treatment. In addition, we do also provide integrative treatment for those with co-occurring disorders, in which drug or alcohol addiction may present as a secondary issue. Most clients coming to Resilience will be in need of either residential or intensive outpatient help with respect to such conditions as: Clinical Depression, Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety and a number of others…

Our West Los Angeles, California facility offers full-scope care on a number of levels; and whether you are seeking a residential treatment component or a more fluid recovery program on an outpatient basis, Resilience is here for you 24/7! Though approximately 60% of our clients come to us from within the local Los Angeles or Southern California regions, our client support services can also provide full scope travel arrangements and ancillary support for those coming to us from around the nation.


Resilience Treatment Center specializes in treating most primary psychiatric disorders, including:


Regardless of yours or your loved one’s condition/s, our extensive intake and assessment process enables us to create individualized treatment plans, based entirely on the client’s unique set of needs. And while often times a new client will come to us with preconceived beliefs about their condition, usually resulting from a prior assessment elsewhere, we have found it to be quite often in which new information may surface about their condition upon undergoing our complete intake and assessment process. Much more information is available with respect to what we treat as well as our information and admissions line at (800) 693-9100 or by using our confidential email form.



The Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Treatments Available at Resilience