With so many choices in West Los Angeles for treating anxiety, depression and dual diagnosis, we know we have set the highest standards when it comes to mental health treatment.


Resilience Treatment Center Los Angeles California Specializing in Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis

Considered by many as being among Los Angeles, California’s benchmark for top-tier clinical service providers within the scope of mental health, Resilience is able to successfully interweave a vast scope of clinical and behavioral treatment components, while simultaneously providing a proactive, upscale and even luxury-type residence for our clients. At Resilience, excelling in mental health and dual-diagnosis treatment means not only providing the finest in care, but also creating an inviting, individualized and nurturing environment in which to promote growth on multiple levels.

Effectively treating mental health requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary and integrative approach that breaches the boundaries of any single modality or psychotherapy session. Our team of providers includes psychiatrists, individual and group therapists, meditation guides, case managers, yoga instructors, and art therapists.

Our expertise in treatment for issues stemming from nearly all variations of co-occurring disorders, including obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), borderline personality disorder, anxiety disorders and depression among a host of others. Additionally, Resilience Treatment Center also offers a track designated for those with dual-diagnosis matters entailing a secondary substance abuse aspect, such as drug and/or alcohol addiction.

We are dedicated to empowering our clients not to just “get better”, nor merely establish a psychological equilibrium, but to cultivate a lifelong commitment to personal growth. Our work is aimed to enable them to reach their highest level of self-actualization, a state of being and living characterized by the qualities of insight, wisdom, compassion, creativity, psychic integrity, and resilience. Our goal is nothing less than the transformation of our clients’ lives, achieved through radical engagement with self, with community, and with the natural world.

Resilience Treatment Center is a highly individualized and effective psychological and psychiatric treatment in an outpatient setting with a licensed residential option available. Our primary mental health program provides patients and their families with a strategic and personalized blend of clinical psychotherapy and ancillary components which combine to create a comprehensive and customized treatment plan.

Regardless of yours or your loved one’s condition/s, our extensive intake and assessment process enables us to create individualized treatment plans, based entirely on the client’s unique set of needs. And while often times a new client will come to us with preconceived beliefs about their condition, usually resulting from a prior assessment elsewhere, we have found it to be quite often in which new information may surface about their condition upon undergoing our complete intake and assessment process.



The Resilience’s Mission:

At Resilience Treatment Center in West Los Angeles, California, our dedicated and multidisciplinary clinical team takes an integrative approach to mental health, empowering patients through individualized programming in order to build emotional resilience. Whether you’re suffering from bipolar disorder, depression, dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders, a personality disorder, body dysmorphia, or anxiety, seeking treatment always begins with a complimentary assessment conducted by our experienced clinicians.



Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Residential Treatment Program at Resilience in West Los Angeles, California