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At Resilience Treatment Center, our core mission of providing quality and accessible mental health treatment at all levels of care informs every aspect of our process. When it comes to the Admissions process, our dedicated Admissions team is available to answer all your questions and provide clients with insights into what treatment looks like, what it costs and whether Resilience programming is right for you. The admissions process unfolds with a private and confidential call accordingly:

Confidential Call: Resilience Admissions team is available in real-time 6 days per week throughout the day to speak with you and get a better sense of what you’re experiencing. Our team has expertise in the local mental health landscape, medical insurance and will make the best referrals for you and is committed to ensuring you access the best quality care specific to your needs.

VOB & Quote: To Resilience, accessibility means making high quality care more affordable than the industry standard. On your initial call, the Admissions team will ask for a copy of your insurance, will conduct a verification of benefits and get back to you with a comprehensive quote of costs associated with your care. Price transparency is a core value of Resilience’s best practices.

Comprehensive Assessment: Next, the Admissions team will schedule a time for an in-person or over the phone assessment. In this assessment, the Admissions team will do a thorough and comprehensive review of your history, symptoms, ongoing challenges and relationships. The assessment will help inform what level of care is appropriate for you, preliminary diagnoses and which primary therapists are best fitting to you and your needs.

Admission & Orientation: Lastly, the Admissions team will schedule a date and time with you to begin your first day of treatment at Resilience. Resilience is committed to smooth transitions and begins new clients with an orientation. The orientation will take clients through the details of Resilience’s programs, your treatment team—consisting of your primary therapist and family therapist—and, your weekly schedule.

If you are interested in beginning the admissions process, feel free to reach out to a member of our Admissions team at (800) 693-9100.

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Insurance acceptance

We accept most PPO insurance plans, out-of-network. We do not accept Media-Cal, Medicare, Medicaid
or other State Funding. Resilience Treatment Center works with most PPO health insurance plans.

Verify Your Insurance

Resilience currently works with all commercial insurances-- with the exception of Medicare and Medicaid (MediCal). Resilience is currently in-networking with the following insurance providers Blue Shield of CA, Magellan, Anthem, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), Health Net and MHN Networks. For plans with other insurers, Resilience accepts PPO policies and will gladly help guide you through resources available to you through your insurance.