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Resilience PHP Program

Resilience Partial Hospitalization (PHP) is a highly structured, therapeutically -intensive program with the goal of providing clients with the tools to build tolerance for, develop skills to overcome and be resilient to the stressors that have obstructed their path to a healthy and fulfilling life.

Prospective clients might find the Resilience Partial Hospitalization (PHP) program particularly helpful when they find it challenging to succeed in their everyday lives and relationships. Trouble functioning at work or in school, an inability to maintain healthy relationships with family members and loved ones, and a general lack of ability to care for oneself—emotionally, hygiene-related or with other basic functions such as sleep and nutrition—are all features typical of clients who serve to benefit from the PHP level of care. The Resilience Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a highly individualized and evidence-based treatment program that provides 6-8 hours of therapeutic programming daily, 6 days per week (Sundays excluded). PHP can serve as the perfect level of care as both an early intervention to prevent a more critical level of care, such as inpatient hospitalization.

Resilience Treatment Center’s multidisciplinary clinical team has designed the Partial Hospitalization (PHP) program to meet our clients unique and individualized therapeutic needs. Upon admission, clients are paired with a primary therapist, a family therapist and a specialist therapist who will work collaboratively to best meet the clinical needs of each client through intensive individual psychotherapy. Clients can expect to receive 4 individual and evidence-based psychotherapy sessions per week in addition to a weekly individual family session. At the Partial Hospitalization (PHP) level of care, clients also receive weekly psychiatric support. These clinicians work in close coordination to address clients presenting diagnoses and support clients’ efforts to cultivate skills to overcome their obstacles.

Our program includes:
● Evidence-based practices (CBT, DBT, CBSST, ERP, Somatic Experiencing)
● 6 hours of group therapy daily
● Skills coaching
● Individual Family therapy
● Medication management
● Experiential treatment modalities (Art therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Music Therapy, Creative Writing)

Our Partial Hospitalization (PHP) program works with most PPO insurance plans and select HMO plans; our in-house billing and utilization review team will advocate on your behalf to minimize your barriers to lasting care.

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