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Resilience RTTC program

Resilience’s Residential program offers a luxurious 6 bed, psychiatric rehabilitation center located in Beverly Hills. Clients are able to address their mental health needs in a supportive and relaxing space. Upon admission, our priority is the client’s therapeutic needs, which are addressed through a tailored treatment plan calibrated for client’s specific treatment goals. Resilience aims to best prepare and acclimate clients to meet the requirements of their day-to-day experiences following discharge.

As the step-down from inpatient hospitalization, Residential offers a contained and therapeutic space for clients who are in need of an environment removed from their stressors and dysregulating behaviors. In the Resilience Residential program clients can focus on regulating skills, coping tools and tailored therapy that will serve them when they return to their communities. Typically, clients will be referred to Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) programs upon graduation.

Our clients can expect a comprehensive regimen of therapeutic practices, from individual, group and family therapy, to holistic and ancillary approaches, such as horticulture (gardening) therapy, art therapy, medication management and weekly in-house psychiatric consultations. At Resilience Residential, our main mission is to get our clients the highest level of care that is both accessible and effective. Our Residential program works with most PPO insurance plans and select HMO plans; our in-house billing and utilization review team will advocate on your behalf to minimize your barriers to lasting care.

Our program includes:
● Evidence-based practices (CBT, DBT, CBSST, ERP, Somatic Experiencing)
● Skills coaching
● Family therapy
● Medication management
● 24-hour awake nursing staff
● Experiential treatment modalities (Art therapy, Trauma-Informed Yoga, Horticulture therapy, Cooking Classes, Music Therapy, Creative Writing)

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