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Art Therapy

At Resilience Treatment Center clients work with their primary therapist to craft a treatment plan that addresses their specific and unique mental health needs. Among the modalities that are especially effective in supporting clients in expressing their emotions and processing their challenges is art therapy. Art therapy is a highly effective and evidence-based modality that utilizes a guided creative process to explore personal growth, self-expression and healing and

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic tool that combines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and artistic self-expression to harness a client’s feelings, experiences and perceptions to overcome their obstacles. Traditionally, art therapy utilizes a range of mediums including drawing, collage and painting to, at first, explore and express images and identities that are intensely personal and a reflection of a client’s unique experiences and challenges. As a modality, art therapy is especially effective among those who struggle to articulate their feelings or are otherwise emotionally guarded.

Clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, impaired cognition and emotional trauma can benefit from the soothing and therapeutic process of art therapy.  Art making offers a sensory experience unlike any other. With the support of our professional art therapists, clients can process items from their treatment and learn new coping skills, including soothing art interventions for stress and anxiety reduction. It is our goal that the benefits of art therapy and the processes available to clients in art therapy at Resilience Treatment Center will carry with them long after their time in treatment.

At Resilience Treatment Center, we support our clients with structured group art therapy, a creative process group, individual art therapy and out-patient individual art therapy and support group. All of these components allow various and unique opportunities for our clients to explore inner growth, in safe and creative space. In Resilience’s structured art therapy group, our registered art therapists lead clients through a guided creative process. These groups have specific goals and directives to help clients engage the creative process and participate in a group dialogue that is visual as well as verbal. Individual art therapy is available to help clients explore personal growth, self-expression and healing, as an adjunct to their individual therapy and part of their individual treatment plan. We offer a creative process group for clients to experiment with new art media and try different creative processes in a supportive creative space.

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